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Breshman and Sayda; guiders of MMM Global Peru community met “Casa Hogar Luz” located in Huamanga — Ayacucho through the website. They saw that there are many needs and decided to contact with the responsible persons, finding opportunities how to bring a joy to the children of “Casa Hogar Luz”.

On 05 December 2015, after their coordination and with the help of MMM Global Peru they could perform a hot chocolate festivities, giving to 18 children: Hot Chocolate, fruit cakes, toys and children's show.

All the children were very excited about the event in his honor. In the coming days Breshman will meet with the managers of “Casa Hogar Luz” since they are very interested in being part of our community.

Thank you very much MMM Peru, Adelina Rodriguez, and all their managers in Peru for the realization of this great event!


Charity Event, Lima: Beds for peruanitos

Mission completed Friends! December, 5, we compared with the babies and their respective mothers of Cerro Candela in SMP, Peru. It was a spectacular event especially for them. We gifted 10 beds with their respective sheets, pillows and blankets. More than 54 panettons for 54 families. Everybody were very pleased and very grateful with the help provided by MMM, Adelina and us... Many thanks also to Jose and family, Meche and Roberto, Jenny and Roberto, Hector, Adam, Franklin, Mayrina and friend of Yurimaguas for their collaboration in the event.


MMM Peru has donated hearing aid to young girl with hearing loss! Now she can hear up to 100 %.

Margarita got pregnant very early, she was abandoned by her partner, and became father and mother for Deisy... When Deisy was one year old, she was playing in the yard of her grandmother’s house, the tree fell down on Deisy and injured her ears... Since her mother did not have the resources to buy earphones for her daughter, she was losing the hearing... Margarita was employed at factories and for that reason left her daughter alone, and because of it Daisy was attempted to rated. So Margarita works realizing various activities to be able to settle the expenses of her daughter and house. ...

Thanks to MMM, after 15 years Deisy can hear well up to 100 %. Due to the gifts — hearing aid and a computer she can study and do her tasks. Also her mother Margarita joins this great community because and plants to be a very good Manager. MMM Global complies with the projected, not only in gaining money, also in helping to those who more need it.


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